Family Book

If you will find the name of yourself or somebody in your family in my family research database you are welcome to contact me.  I can inform you how much information I have on your family.  If it shows up that it is considerable amounts we can create a Family Book print out for you and your family.

The Family Book can be made in three ways:

  1. Ahnentafel Book which begins with you, then lists your parents, grandparents etc.
  2. Descendant Register Report which begins with one of your anscestors and lists all his or her descendants.

  3. Or both above mentioned variants made together (1 and 2)

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After we have searched the database and explained what we have, you can make your choice (or leave it up to us to choose).  
The main information (born, died, married etc. can be translated to various languages as English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish etc., but biographies are in general only available in Norwegian (for persons living in Norway) and English (for persons living in the USA).  
Upon requests we can make summaries.

In our archiev we also have many personal and family photos which will be published together with the written information.  If you have historical photos about persons listed in my database I would appreciate very much to receive a scanned copy or a paper copy!

The Book Reports are consisting all known names of the person, and all available date and place of birth, marriage, living places, jobs and death, names of partner, children, parents etc.

I have a great number of sources which also will be listed.  There is also an alphabetical index of persons mentioned.

Price: from EUR 12,00 - 43,00 (depending upon amount of data available).

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail or make me a call!

Jan S. Krogh's Family Page, 2004

Last time updated: 31.10.05


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