Family research

Hans Sedeniussen
(1863-1927)  the father 
of my father's father
Emil Andreassen
(1915-2000) the
father of my 
Alvilde Andreassen
(1892-1991) the 
mother of my 
mother's fathers
Nikoline Hansdatter Rindahl
(1857-1959) the mother 
of my mother's father's 

My parents met in the Veimann Fjord, located in Torsken municipality on Senja Island in North Norway. My mother's family has lived in Veimann Fjord since 1798 when my great-great-great-grandfather Ole Iversen bought the land there. My great-great- grandfather, great-grandfather and grandfather were all three the local storekeepers.  My father met with my mother in the fjord after he in 1944 due to the war had been evacuated from Havoysund village in Finnmark county, where my paternal grandfather's father, Hans Sedeniussen, had settled about 60 years earlier.  Hans was a person interested with politics and an very active fellow during the elections. He was a member of the local municipality, a judge and a head of the local social commission.  After First World War he also helped to administrate aid which had been collected and sent to Havoysund from Oslo, the capital, about 1300 km south. Hans' father's father's father's father was Niels Jorgensen born 1771 in Vaagan village in the Lofoten Islands. Hans' father's mother, Ollegard Hansdatter, descended from the Trane family on both her father's and mother's sides. It is possible to trace this family back to Mr. Peder Trane born 1465 in Viborg township in Denmark.
My father's mother, Signe Simonsen (1905-41) was a daughter of Mr. Simon Jakobsen (1876-1942), also named «Big Simon» from Bjarkoy Island at the town of Harstad. 
The parents of my mother's father's mother's mother, Nikoline Rindahl (1857-1959), was Hans Jonsson Rindahl (1816-70) who was 32 years old and Marit Olsdatter Rindahl (1812-1904) who was 37 years old when they in 1849 together with their three small children went on their feet from South Norway to settle down in North Norway, a journey of more than 1000 km. When Marit was 65 years old she went to the USA to see her daughter Maria.
Hans Jonsson's father's father's father's father was Ottar Eiriksson Budsjord (1665-1736), a sheriff of the village of Dovre. Ottar's mother was Ingebjorg Bjornsdatter Talleraas (b. about 1630) whoms father's mother's father's father was Osten Guttormsson Bratt (1470-1545) of Bjolstad in Heidal Valley. Osten's (or Oystein's) mother's mother was Gudrid Gyrdsdatter.

Genealogy is one of my favourite hobbies. So far I have more than about 7,000 names listed. (Check if you are in family with me!) The computer programme I am using is Brother's Keeper.

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