Familiy Research in Lithuania

Between about 1860 and 1950 a few persons emigrated from what is present Lithuania to Norway and other countries in the West. In the period from 1795 and until 1918-20 Lithuania was under Russian rule. 

Most of those who came to Norway earliest seems all to have been Jews. The Poles seems to have emigrated later, most of them probably in connection with 2nd World War. 

I have some experience searching Lithuanian, Jewish and Polish families here in Lithuania and all over the World. If you are searching families related to Lithuania and Scandinavia, please contact me or try yourself. Good luck!


List of Officials in Lithuania

Lithuanian Central State Archive, 
(information after 1918)

Milašiaus 21, LT-2016 Vilnius, Lithuania. Tel. +370 5 2764709.

Lithuanian State Historical Archives,
(information until 1918)

Gerosios Vilties 10, LT-2015 Vilnius, Lithuania. Tel. +370-5-2237217.

Lithuanian Central Registry Archive,
Kalinausko 21, LT-2600 Vilnius, Lithuania. Tel. +370-5-2637846.

Lithuania's Bureau of Addresses,
Vivulskio 4A, LT-2001 Vilnius, Lithuania. Tel. +370-5-2652632.
(Only if you have a name and need an address.)

Lithuanian State Jewish Museum and Jewish Community Administration,
Pylimo 4, LT-2001 Vilnius. Tel. +370-5-2617917. Open 09-17, Fri 09-16. Closed Sat, Sun.

Lithuanian American Genealogical Society,
Balzeckis Museum of Lithuanian Culture, 6500 S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60629, USA.

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